After a lot of hard work you have beautifully operated your online store and people are finding your websites attractive. However, what is the next step with which you can enhance the sales and be proactive in your business? You can track the rates of conversion and take steps to improve it. Whereas, Pop-ups are […]

WooCommerce gives a great deal of options for its users and you can easily set up your online store. When you download WooCommerce you need to import all your products into wordpress but still your website wont look like an online store. Hence, to give your website the look of an online store you need […]

Shipping Charges refer to the price that should be paid by the customers when an item needs to be shipped to their desired address through mail or delivery services. Most of the time these charges are paid to the delivery services. Different delivery services have different prices for transporting packages, these charges are also based […]

Are you facing problems with the default setting of WooCommerce Email? The Emails are very helpful for customers as they allow the customers to track their order, status or order, delivery time and much more.  Editing and customising the emails allow you to build a more trustable relationship with the client. You can provide helpful […]

Downloadable or digital products are those products that don’t have a physical existence and are purely digital. These include ebooks, plugins, digital art, music, software, etc.  They are bought and used electronically and are not tangible items. Digital products can be sold online or through physical retailers, and you can create them very easily through […]

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