WooCommerce itself is a great platform that provides a bundle of features in the form of plugins BUT there are a lot of plugin developers like Koala Apps who develop custom solutions and add further value to the WooCommerce stores. These plugins have the power to significantly improve your chances of improving product pages resulting […]

Security is now the most important concern for any website or e-commerce business. It’s possible that automated tools and bots are affecting your website’s performance. The spamming of your website can be accomplished using a variety of technological methods. If you allow them to register and log into your WooCommerce store, they’ll attempt to place […]

Allowing customers to select their own size is an important consideration if you are selling things depending on their dimensions. Returns may increase if customers are unable to locate the correct size in your store. If your product pages include a sizing chart, it will save you the trouble of sending out several shipments and […]

When creating an online store, there are plenty of elements to consider, but have you given any thought to the login page? You should not overlook presenting a nice one because it immediately affects the customer experience. You may want to consider using a WooCommerce Login & Shop As Customer plugin to assist you to […]

Would you like to make changes to the My Account section of your store? We’ll teach you how to change the WooCommerce My Account page so that you can better serve your customers. In order for an e-commerce website to work well, the “My Account” page must be effectively designed so that customers can fully […]

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