How to Edit WooCommerce Email Template

Edit WooCommerce Template

Are you facing problems with the default setting of WooCommerce Email? The Emails are very helpful for customers as they allow the customers to track their order, status or order, delivery time and much more. 

Editing and customising the emails allow you to build a more trustable relationship with the client. You can provide helpful information that will enable the customers to make most of their purchases. 

Using the customised colour, fonts and languages will reinforce the existence of your brand. It also provides consistency and helps you be remembered by the customers. Moreover, you can send products and coupons through email that will lead to additional purchases. 

Easy Steps to Edit the Email Template

First of all you need to view the email setting and update it from there.

  1. Log in to your dashboard of wordpress.
  2. Navigate towards the left-hand menu.
  3. Tap on WooCommerce > Settings.
  4. You will find several tabs in the setting option.
  5. Click on emails and view the following templates.
  • New Order: Use to send the email to the store admin in order to notify them about the new order.
  • Cancelled order: The email sent to the store owner to notify them about the orders that are cancelled. 
  • Failed Order: The email sent to the store admin that alerts them about the failed orders. 
  • Orders On-Hold: The email is sent to customers that includes the details of why their order is placed on hold.
  • Order Processing: This type of email is also sent to the customers after they have completed the payment and it includes all the details of the order.
  • Order Completed: The email sent to customers to alert them about the order completion and it notifies that the order has been shipped.
  • Order Refunded: The email is for customers when their order is refunded.
  • Customer Invoice: The email sent to customers and has the information of orders and payment links.
  • Customer Note: The email is sent when a customer added some note and it has been added to the dashboard.
  • Password Reset: The email sent to customers when they are requesting to reset their password. 
  • New Account:  The email sent to customers when they want to create a new account.
  1. On each template you will find the Manage button to the far right of the email template. Click on manage to edit.
  2. From the manage button you can customise the subject line of email, content, heading and type. 
  3. You can also utilise the template variables with the WooCommerce follow-ups extension to automatically fill in some of the important information. These information includes:
  • Customer Name
  • Order Shipping Address
  • Item Names
  1. You can personalise email for each customer.

What Can You Customize in Email

Through the email options you can edit the following:

  • Header image
  • Title Text
  • Font color
  • Footer text

However if you are good at coding then with a little coding you can do much more customization such as changing the content and style of the email. Woocommerce provides you several options through which you can change the email template without changing anything in the core plugin.

Reason to Customize Your WooCommerce Email

Your customers will receive every information about your store through emails, such as: transactional emails, tracking of order, get invoices, information about returning products and much more. Although most business owners do not customise the standard email template, customization will surely have a positive effect on your customers.

Other benefits include:

  • Originality
  • No complexity and quick personalised changes.
  • Easy updates
  • Align the brand with your colour, logo, language, font, codes etc.
  • Higher response rate
  • Trust building 
  • Added value to the templates

Give a Touch of Personalization

Through the email edits and customization you can give a touch of personalizations to the emails and it will allow you to make a more trustable relationship with the clients.

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