How to Add Downloadable Products in WooCommerce 

Add Downloadable Products in WooCommerce

Downloadable or digital products are those products that don’t have a physical existence and are purely digital. These include ebooks, plugins, digital art, music, software, etc. 

They are bought and used electronically and are not tangible items. Digital products can be sold online or through physical retailers, and you can create them very easily through a computer, online. 

How to Add Downloadable Products in WooCommerce?

Adding downloadable products in WC is simple and you can get started in a few steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the product page settings 
  2. Go to the “Product Data” section and you will see 2 options: “Virtual”, and “Downloadable”. 
  3. Enable both options
  4. In the same section scroll down to “Downloadable Files” section
  5. Add your product files 
  6. Click “Update” 

Selling Downloadable Products in WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes selling downloadable products very simple with its built-in Shopping Cart and Payment system

Like other products, you can add downloadable products to your WooCommerce store as well, through a few easy steps as mentioned earlier. 

Once a customer buys a digital/downloadable product, they get a unique link to download their product from.  

The link of the product remains valid for a certain number of downloads or for a certain period of time, whatever may occur first. 

Final Words

In this blog, we explored how to add downloadable products in Woocommerce. You can get started in no time as the process is simple and quick.

We hope this blog proved useful. Check out more Woocommerce-related content like this one on the site!

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