How to Add Shipping Charges in Woocommerce

add shipping charges in WooCommerce

Shipping Charges refer to the price that should be paid by the customers when an item needs to be shipped to their desired address through mail or delivery services. Most of the time these charges are paid to the delivery services. Different delivery services have different prices for transporting packages, these charges are also based on the weight of the item and the distance of the package being shipped. Some companies manage the shipping charges while some companies charge the shipping charges from the customers in order to get a better profit for their company. You can add shipping charges to WooCommerce by following some simple steps. 

Steps to Add Shipping Charges in WooCommerce

WooCommerce made it easier for all eCommerce sellers to calculate the shipping charges according to the zones and weight of the products. WooCommerce provides various tools in order to group products or to automatically apply various shipping techniques to different groups and it comes with so many other options. Follow the steps in order to set the shipping charges in WooCommerce. 

In order to set shipping charges you first need to set up the shipping zones by following the steps we have mentioned in the article Ways to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce. After you have set up the shipping in WooCommerce, now it is time for adding shipping charges in WooCommerce. If you are providing free shipping then the shipping charges will be zero, as you set an amount or make it free it totally depends on you. Follow the steps below to Add Shipping in WooCommerce.

1. Choose a Shipping Zone

In the shipping tab option, select the shipping zone that you want to set up flat rate shipping for.

2. Create Shipping Charges

After you are done choosing your shipping zone and shipping methods. Now you are completely ready to set up your shipping charges. Click the Flat Rate option in the Methods box. The fees can be set up by several different ways that include:

  • A Flat Shipping Fee on Each Order

In order to set up your shipping charges on each order, you will select a fee to apply on every order. Then enter the number in the field of Cost.

  • A Flat Shipping Fee on Each Item

For per item basis you will choose a specific fee that will apply to each item in the order. Then you need to enter  “[qty] * the fee” in the box of cost. This formula allows WooCommerce to multiply the number of items in an order by the fee you have chosen.

  • A Shipping Fee as a Percentage of the Total Order

To add the shipping fee as a percentage of the order total, select the percentage you like to charge and then enter [cost * percentage as a decimal] in the cost field. This formula tells the WooCommerce Shopping Cart to multiply the total order cost by the percentage you have chosen to calculate the shipping fee. 

Make Shopping Easier!

When you set the shipping charges it will be easier for your customers to check the total amount they have to spend in order to get the order. Make the shopping experience easier for them so they will return to your store in future to shop more.

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