5 WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Conversion Rate

how to improve conversion rate

Every eCommerce site has a different set of goals and rules that it aims to achieve. But, regardless of how old the brand is, or what area it caters to, the conversion rate is a common task, stores strive to improve.

If you run an eCommerce store and have been facing a low conversion rate or static performance over time, here are 5 WooCommerce plugins to improve conversion. These are proven and trusted plugins that you should consider. 

WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Conversion Rate

Below are 5 WooCommerce Plugins that can greatly improve the conversion rate on your e-store. 

  • Woocommerce Order Chat
  • Push Notifications For WooCommerce
  • WhatsApp Order & Live Chat For WooCommerce
  • Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce
  • Country-Based Website Switcher For WooCommerce

Now let’s explore each plugin, one by one, and how it can improve conversions on your site. 

Woocommerce Order Chat


The plugin creates direct communication between the customer and the admin. That helps in understanding customer needs, improves customer satisfaction, which in turn increases conversions. 


  • Direct customer contact from the order details page
  • Live chat based on specific order statuses
  • Personalize message background colors and text 
  • Enable and customize order message
  • Customize successful and failed messages
  • Allow file attachment
  • Set allowed file size and extension 
  • Send email notifications to customers and admins of new messages
  • File uploads with limited file size and type
  • Customize errors and sent messages
Woocommerce Order Chat

Key Benefits

  • Faster customer response 
  • Personalized chatting
  • Minimized need for multiple communication channels

Push Notifications For WooCommerce


Highlight discounts and promotions to increase customer interest, boost sales, and increase the conversion rate of your store. 

The plugin sends targeted push notifications to your visitors so that they return to your site, again and again.


  • Allows multiple notification types
  • Lets you send simple, orders, email form related notifications
  • Allows you to send coupon codes, testimonials, social links, counter-related notifications
  • Allows push notifications based on user roles
  • Allows push notifications based on currently viewed product/page
  • Allows push notifications based on visitors’ country
  • Triggers notifications for selected products/categories/tags/pages only
  • Six default notification positions to choose from
  • Hide push notifications on mobile
  • Hide push notifications after a certain time 
  • Allow customers to close push-notifications manually
  • Allow delayed duration for multiple notifications
  • Enable notification sound
  • Allow animated notification effects 
  • Personalize max notifications per page

Key Benefits

  • Increases customer engagement 
  • Highlights promotions, announcements, sales, discount coupons, social links
  • Improves conversions through push notifications 

WhatsApp Order & Live Chat For WooCommerce


Allows communication and order placement through WhatsApp, helping customers order with ease. The added convenience improves customer experience improving sales, increasing impulse purchases and thus conversions. 


  • Enable WhatsApp Chat 
  • Use order via the WhatsApp system
  • Display WhatsApp cart only on mobiles
  • Display WhatsApp “Add-to-Cart” button for specific user roles/guests/products/categories
  • Customize the “Add to WhatsApp” button 
  • Hide price and standard “Add to Cart” button from shop/product pages
  • Preload product-specific info in WhatsApp message
  • Keep WhatsApp order record 
  • Display Google Recaptcha on the WhatsApp order form
WhatsApp live order chat

Key Benefits

  • Allows customers to ask questions on WhatsApp
  • Allows customers to order on WhatsApp
  • Offers live chat for immediate customers service 

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce


The plugin allows customers to upload files reducing the communication gap and helping you make better customizations to products. That way customers get exactly what they want, increasing sales and customer return rates. 


  • Add file upload button to the product/cart/checkout pages
  • Allow rule-based management of file uploads
  • Enable single/ multiple file uploads
  • Specify size/ file format/charges for file uploads
  • Apply restrictions based on categories/ products/user roles
  • Send email notifications on file approval and disapproval
  • Customize the upload file button text and color
  • Enable file download option for admin and customer
  • Attach notes to each file upload
Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Key Benefits

  • Faster communication, product customization, and ordering 
  • Increased customer satisfaction, resulting in more sales 

Country-Based Website Switcher For WooCommerce


Direct your customers to a tailored website specific to their location. Through redirects or pop-ups, the plugin auto-redirects customers, and also allows customers to either stay or navigate to a country-specific site. 

That helps in catering to more customer groups and improves sales across the globe. 


  • Auto-redirect customers to the country-specific site
  • Display customizable pop-ups or auto-redirects
  • Allow customers to stay, or navigate to country-specific sites
  • Add country-specific URLs to every location
  • Customize pop-up text/background/colors 
  • Show/hide country selector to guest/registered users
  • Set up a dedicated page to display country websites
  • Add default website URL
  • Display the switcher button anywhere on the site
Country-Based Website Switcher For WooCommerce

Key Benefits

  • Offer country-specific site experience to users
  • Relate to more customer groups from around the world
  • Expand customer base and receive orders globally 

Final Words

In this article, we explored 5 plugins for Woocommerce that can help you improve conversion rates. 

The Woocommerce Order Chat and the WhatsApp Order & Live Chat For WooCommerce plugins offer faster communication while the Push Notifications For WooCommerce helps highlight discounts and promotions. 

The Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce improves product customization while the 

Country-Based Website Switcher For WooCommerce helps increase your customer base. 

Overall, all of the above contribute towards increased sales and reaching higher conversion rates. 

The above-mentioned plugins are well-reputed and you can rely on them for the long term. We encourage you to go through them in detail and to understand the specific needs of your site, before making the final decision. 

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