Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

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Allow customers to quickly upload a file to their orders for an effective communication of custom order requirements and inspirations.

WooCommerce Customer Upload Files plugin allows your customers to further convey their needs by attaching a file to their orders on product, cart, and checkout pages. The admin will find it much simpler to comprehend customization and customer’s needs. With a simple file upload option, this plugin reduces the communication gap. While enabling this option, accept specific file formats and sizes and limit this feature to specific user roles, products, and categories.


  • Add an upload button to the product, cart, or checkout pages
  • Allow rule-based management of file upload options
  • Enable single or multiple file uploads
  • Specify file format and size for upload
  • Specify charges for file uploads
  • Apply restriction by categories, products, and user roles
  • Notify customers with email on file approve or disapprove
  • Customize text and color of upload file button
  • Enable option to download file for admin and customer
  • Attach a note to each file upload

Add Upload File Button on Product, Cart, or Checkout Pages

WooCommerce Customer Upload Files plugin enables store owners to display an upload file button for customers to upload files as attachment and deliver their customization needs. The file upload button can be added on product, cart, or checkout pages. Allowing customers to provide details about style, design, or color, etc. can result in a more accurate outcome.


Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Attach Note to Each File

This plugin provides an option for customers to attach a note with each file uploaded. This will help merchants get the accurate requirements from customers. A field to attach a note can be made mandatory using this plugin.


Allow File Preview 

The consumer can check a file after uploading it to make sure they’ve given the correct information. Before submitting, they can fix any mistakes.

Allow Multiple File Uploads

With WooCommerce Customer Upload Files, you can enable consumers to upload multiple files so you can better understand their requirements and customizing needs. Allow them to upload a single file or several at once.


Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Adjust File Format and Size

You can specify particular file types, like JPEG, PNG, etc., for uploading using the WooCommerce upload file plugin. The file size restriction can also be adjusted in KBs, MBs, or GBs. The file size restriction cannot, however, go above the server upload limit.

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Restrict Uploads by Products, Categories, and User Roles

This plugin enables store owners to restrict file uploads by products, categories, and user roles. Specify products, categories, and user roles from the settings to enable file upload. For instance, you can disable contributors from adding attachments while allowing only consumers and subscribers to upload files.

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Include Charges for File Upload and Offer Discount

Specify a price for each file upload using the Customer Upload Files plugin. It will not only increase store revenue but can be utilized as a product add-on so that a customer would be responsible for paying for any customizations they needed. Additionally, you can also offer a discount for each file upload.

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Show File Upload Counter in the Orders Section

The amount of files that a customer has uploaded for each order is likewise displayed by this plugin. Along with the customer’s name, it can be found in the orders section.

Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Allow Admins to View Uploaded Files

By selecting a single order, the admin can access the files and notes that customers have submitted to complete their orders. The admin can use it to analyze customer requirements.

$49 Billed annually
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Technical Info

  • Version:1.2.0
  • Released:June 2022
  • PHP version:5.6 or above
  • Requires:WooCommerce & WordPress must be installed

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