Koala ShortCoder for WooCommerce

Koala Shortcoder for WooCommerce

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Simplify the process of creating and managing custom shortcodes and insert HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or other code snippets into your pages or posts.

Creating & Managing Shortcodes Easily 

The Koala Shortcoder plugin for WooCommerce is a powerful tool that eliminates the need to manually write or copy-paste the code, instead, you can easily create and manage custom shortcodes. The plugin allows you to create custom shortcodes for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other code snippets. Instead of writing code in separate files or creating functions for each shortcode, you can simply place your code directly into the Shortcoder plugin.

You can easily reuse code snippets throughout your WooCommerce store without having to repeat the code in different locations. Choose to display shortcodes for selected user roles or temporarily disable the shortcode globally. These shortcodes can be executed on all or selected devices.


  • Create custom shortcodes easily
  • Enter a shortcode content for HTML, Javascript, or CSS
  • View all shortcodes in a dashboard 
  • Customize a shortcode by adding a custom:
    • Title 
    • Description 
    • Name
    • Image 
  • Choose to disable the shortcode temporarily
  • Disable shortcodes for selected user roles
  • Execute shortcodes on multiple devices: 
    • All Devices
    • Mobile
    • Desktop

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Create Personalized Shortcodes

WooCommerce Koala Shortcoder enables you to create your own custom shortcodes by defining the code snippet and assigning it a shortcode name. This feature is particularly useful when you need to add specific functionality or customize the appearance of your WooCommerce store.

Create Reusable Shortcodes

Once you create a shortcode, you can use it anywhere on your website, including product descriptions, pages, posts, or even in widgets. This plugin allows you to reuse code snippets without the need for duplicating or manually adding the same code repeatedly.

Add Dynamic Content to Shortcodes

Koala Shortcoder allows you to insert dynamic content into your shortcodes. For example, you can display your shortcode’s current date, product information, user details, or any other dynamically generated content. This makes creating personalized and interactive elements on your WooCommerce store easy.

Manage Shortcodes

The plugin includes a shortcode management interface that allows you to organize and manage all your created shortcodes in one place. You can edit, enable/disable, or delete existing shortcodes as per your requirements. This feature makes it convenient to maintain and update your shortcodes.

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Restrict Shortcodes Based on User Roles

The WooCommerce Koala Shortcoder plugin allows you to restrict shortcodes based on user roles. It allows you to control the visibility and usage of specific shortcodes on your WooCommerce store. By implementing this functionality, you can ensure that certain code snippets are only accessible to specific user roles, providing a more personalized and secure experience.

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