Push Notifications For WooCommerce

Engage with your visitors by sending live push notifications to highlight promotions and offer discount coupons as they shop.

Send Shoppers Push Notifications As They Shop

Push Notifications for WooCommerce is an easy way to increase user engagement by highlighting current promotions, announcements, sales, discount coupons, social links, testimonials, and recent orders. This plugin will help merchants display order notifications to customers and run their store in no time. 

WooCommerce Push Notifications plugin helps send targeted push notifications to your website’s visitors so that they keep returning. Triggers for Push Notifications are based on the page, product, and category that a visitor is currently viewing, along with country and user roles.


  • Types of notifications:
    • Simple
    • Order
    • Email form
    • Coupon code
    • Testimonials
    • Social links
    • Counter
  • Show push notification based on:
    • User role
    • Currently viewed product or page 
    • Visitors country
  • Trigger notifications only for selected:
    • Products
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Pages
  • Hide push notifications for mobile devices
  • Six default notification positions to choose from
  • Hide push notifications after a particular time or allow customers to close manually
  • Allow delayed duration when displaying multiple notifications
  • Personalize maximum notifications per page
  • Highlight push notifications through notification sound
  • Four animated notification effects to choose from

Choose from Multiple Notification Types

Push Notifications for WooCommerce allows you to choose from seven different notification types to communicate with the customer.

  • Simple: your store’s current sales and promotions can be highlighted with a simple message.
  • Order: display a list of recent orders while customers are browsing to build credibility of your business.
  • Email form: customers can sign up for newsletters and sales notifications by providing their email address.
  • Coupon code: show coupon code to encourage customers to make purchases.
  • Testimonials: display customer testimonials to build customers’ confidence in your business.
  • Social Links: direct customers to your social channels by displaying social links. 
  • Counter: display a counter to elicit a sense of urgency among your customers.

Display Conditions for Push Notifications

Push Notifications plugins allow you to show notifications when a customer views particular products, categories, tags, or pages for selected user roles and countries.

woocommerce push notification plugin

Choose from Various Notification Positions and Sounds

With WooCommerce Push Notification plugin, use six predefined positions and four animation effects to display push notifications anywhere on your website. Enable or disable notification sounds on mobile devices. 

woocommerce order push notification

$49 Billed annually
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Technical Info

  • Version:1.0.1
  • Released:May 2022
  • PHP version:5.6 or above
  • Requires:WooCommerce & WordPress must be installed

Customer Reviews Write Review

  1. Engagement rate has gone up significantlysince the day I started using this plugin. I've seen a lot of new customers coming in because of the notifications. It's a great way to get people back into your store, especially if they are not online at the moment.

    Push Notifications For WooCommerce

    Push Notifications For WooCommerce

  2. This is the most efficient push notification for WordPress that we could find. It was especially useful for Woocommerce retargeting back to Checkout. The support team was very helpful while configuring it for us, and it's working great now! Definitely recommend

    Push Notifications For WooCommerce

    Push Notifications For WooCommerce