Smart Gift Wrap for Woocommerce

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Enhance your store with a personalized gift-wrapping service and display it on various pages using the Smart Gift Wrap plugin for WooCommerce.

Add Custom Gift-Wrapping Services to Your Store

WooCommerce Smart Gift Wrap plugin allows for earning extra revenue by offering gift-wrapping services. Customers can add gift wrapping and personalized messages to products or the entire order on the Product, Cart, and Checkout pages. 

Multiple gift wrap designs with prices can be added, enabling customization. Gift wrapping can be enabled for the entire store or specific products, with options for in-page or popup display. A dedicated dashboard tracks gift-wrapping design performance. Enable customizable success messages and taxable gift-wrapping services in your store.


  • Add multiple gift-wrapping designs for various occasions
  • Add a custom name, description, and images for designs
  • Set different prices for different wrapping designs
  • Add rules to restrict gift wrapping based on products, categories, and user roles
  • Show gift-wrapping options on the product, cart, and checkout pages
  • Set priority for all the rules created
  • Display the gift wrapper option as a button or link
  • Set a custom gift wrapper text to show on button or anchor tag
  • Allow gift wrapping on selected products or an entire catalog
  • Access a detailed dashboard to track gift-wrapping sales
  • Position the gift-wrapping option on the product, cart, and checkout pages
  • Display wrapping designs on the page or in a popup
  • Choose the popup design as a single or two column 
  • Set a custom success message for the customer
  • Allow customers to add a personal note with gift wrap
  • Make the gift-wrapping fees taxable

Add Multiple Gift-wrapping Designs

WooCommerce Smart Gift Wrap allows you to add a wide selection of captivating gift-wrapping designs for general occasions, birthdays, and Christmas. You can add multiple designs and charge different prices for each.

Gift Wrapper For WooCommerce

Creating a New Gift Wrap Design

When it comes to creating new gift wrap designs, you can:

  • Add gift wrap names and descriptions that accurately represent each design
  • Attach multiple images to each gift wrap design for a comprehensive visual experience
  • Set a fixed price for each gift wrap design or simply leave the price blank to offer for free

Gift Wrapper Design For WooCommerce

Restrict the Designs to Products, Categories, & User Roles

Smart Gift Wrap for WooCommerce incorporates a rule-based management system that supports limiting gift-wrapping designs based on different: 

  • Products
  • Categories
  • User Roles

The plugin allows you to display a gift wrap option on the:

  • Product Page
  • Cart Page 
  • Checkout Page

Customize Rules for Gift Wrapping

You can create multiple rules with the Smart Gift Wrap plugin and customize them according to your requirements. The customization options include:

  • Display gift-wrapping choices as buttons or links

Present the gift-wrapping options in the form of buttons or links. The display method can be based on your preferences, either on a dedicated page or through a popup.

  • Enable gift wrapping for individual products or the entire catalog

You have the flexibility to enable gift wrapping for specific products, categories, or your entire product catalog.

  • Offer gift wrap options on Product, Cart, and Checkout pages

Provide customers with the option to select a gift wrapping on Product pages for individual items or display the option on Cart and Checkout pages, allowing customers to wrap their entire order.

  • Choose from a variety of gift-wrapping designs

If you have multiple gift-wrapping designs available, you can assign specific designs to particular products. For instance, you can select a wedding gift wrap and silver gift wrap specifically for wedding presents.

Rules of Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce

Show Gift-wrapping Option on a Page or a Popup

You have the flexibility to display the gift-wrapping option either on a dedicated page or in an attractive popup. This allows customers to choose their preferred wrapping style conveniently.

The popups are specific to the Cart and Checkout pages. The plugin allows two options to display popups:

  • In-page Layout
  • Single Column Layout
  • 2 Column Layout

Display on Product page Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce

pop of Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce

Access a Detailed Dashboard

The comprehensive dashboard provides a detailed overview of gift wrap sales, including revenue generated by each design. 

Additionally, the dashboard offers a sales graph that showcases the performance of individual gift wrap designs. Users can filter the sales graph by date range and select a specific gift-wrapping design to analyze its performance within the chosen period.

Dashboard of Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce


Configure the Position and Custom Message

The WooCommerce Smart Gift Wrap plugin offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to personalize various aspects of the gift card feature. 

These customization options include:

  • Modifying gift card button positions 
  • Configuring the popup settings
  • Defining success messages
  • Enabling personal notes
  • Making the gift wrap taxable

Styling the Gift Wrap on Pages

The plugin gives you the option to customize the styling options to display gift wrap on your store. 

You can enable custom styling on the:

  • Product Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

Customization Option of Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce

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