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Elevate your online store with a personalized gift-wrapping service seamlessly integrated across different pages of your store. Create and customize multiple gift-wrapping designs to attract more customers.


Offer Custom Gift-Wrapping Services to Customers 

WooCommerce Smart Gift Wrap plugin allows for earning extra revenue by offering gift-wrapping services. Customers can choose from various gift-wrapping designs and add personalized messages. You can offer the gift wrapping service on all or specific products and choose to display it on the Product, Cart, and Checkout pages. 

Additionally, you can customize the wrapping options and display them on-page or as a popup. Benefit from a dedicated dashboard to track the gift-wrapping design performance and view all designs in a comprehensive log. 


  • Create and manage multiple gift-wrapping designs 
  • Add a custom name, description, and images for each design
  • Set different prices for different gift-wrapping designs
  • Add rules to restrict gift wrapping based on products/categories/user roles
  • Set priority for each rule created 
  • Show gift-wrapping options on the product/cart/checkout pages
  • Display wrapping designs on the page or in a popup format
  • Set a custom gift wrapper text 
  • Allow gift wrapping on selected products or an entire catalog
  • Set the position of the gift-wrapping option and customize style
  • Choose the popup design as single or two-column 
  • Set a custom success message for the customer
  • Allow customers to add a personal note with gift wrap
  • Make the gift-wrapping fees taxable
  • Access a detailed dashboard to track gift-wrapping sales (New)
  • Optimize cart management with quantity-based wrapping limits (New)

Create Multiple Gift Wrapping Designs

WooCommerce Smart Gift Wrap allows you to create new gift wrap designs and unlock your creativity. Create designs for all kinds of occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Add a variety of gift-wrapping options for your customers to choose from and make gifting more special. You can create new designs by customizing the following settings

  • Add gift wrap name and a description
  • Set a fixed price for each design or offer for free (by leaving price section blank)
  • Attach multiple images for each gift wrap design

woocommerce smart gift wrap option


Add & Manage Multiple Designs in One Place

Add multiple designs, manage all designs from a log, and carry out bulk actions. The gift wrapper for WooCommerce offers a detailed log from which the following info can be accessed:

  • Gift wrap design title and name
  • Date of creation
  • Price of gift wrapping design 

Implement Rules for Gift Wrap Designs

Smart Gift Wrap for Woocommerce allows you to create multiple rules and control which designs appear to which users on which pages. As you create a rule, you can customize it using the following settings: 

  • Enable rule and set priority 
  • Choose to display the wrapper feature as:
  • Link 
  • Button
  • Set button label to show on button/anchor tag
  • Select pages to display gift wrap designs
  • Choose from a list of gift-wrapping designs
  • Enable gift wrapping for:
  • All Products
  • Individual Products
  • Individual Categories 
  • Enable a design as downloadable/virtual
  • Choose to restrict gift wrap designs by user roles 

Note that you can view and manage all the rules from a log and carry out bulk actions as needed. You can even do quick edits directly from the log while being on the same page. 


Adjust Position & Gift Wrap Themes (Page or Popup)

To maximize conversions, you can offer the gift-wrapping feature to your customers either on a page or through a popup. The WooCommerce gift wrapper gives you the option to customize the styling of the gift wrapping on your store. You can enable custom styling through the following options:

  • Select position on Product Page: After or before add-to-cart 
  • Choose Display type on Product Page: Wrapper in page or pop-up
  • Select position on Cart Page: 
    • After coupon code
    • Before cart total title
    • Before proceed to checkout button
    • After proceed to checkout button
    • Shortcode (add a short code anywhere to place the Gift Wrap feature)
  • Select popup template for Cart Page: 2 columns, single column
  • Select position on Checkout Page: 
    • Before billing field 
    • After billing field
    • Before order notes
    • After order notes
    • Before place order button
  • Select popup template on Checkout Page: 2 columns or single column 

WooCommerce Smart gift wrapper general settings


Customize Gift Wrap Style on Product/Cart/Checkout Pages

You can customize the visual appeal of the gift wrap option on various pages. The WooCommerce gift wrap lets you choose colors of your choice and adjust popup sizes with the following options:

  • Enable/disable custom styling on product page & choose:
    • Popup Background Color
    • Popup Opacity
    • Wrapper Button Text Color
    • Wrapper Button Background Color 
    • Font Size
    • Pop-up Width
    • Pop-up Height
  • Enable/disable custom styling on cart page & choose:
    • Wrapper Button Text Color
    • Wrapper Button Background Color
    • Popup Background Color
    • Popup Opacity
    • Font Size
    • Popup width
    • Popup height
  • Enable/disable custom styling on checkout page & choose:
    • Wrapper Button Text Color
    • Wrapper Button Background Color
    • Popup Background Color
    • Popup Opacity
    • Font Size
    • Popup Width
    • Popup Height


Allow Personal Notes and Add Custom Messages

The WooCommerce Gift Wrap option is highly customizable, allowing users to personalize various aspects of the gift card feature. These options allow for the following alterations:

  • Add custom Gift Wrap Success message
  • Insert a Heading for the Gift Wrap section
  • Add a Gift Wrap Description 
  • Allow customers to add a Personal note with the gift wrap
  • Set a character limit for Personal Notes 
  • Choose whether to make gift wrap taxable or not

Analyze Progress With a Detailed Dashboard

The gift wrap plugin WooCommerce comes with a comprehensive dashboard with a detailed overview of sales generated by each design. The dashboard offers a sales graph that showcases the performance of individual gift wrap designs. Users can filter the sales graph by date range and select a specific gift-wrapping design to analyze its performance within the chosen period.

The dashboard helps examine the performance of the gift-wrapping feature on your store and identify which designs work the best and which require improvement. 

WooCommerce smart gift wrapper Dashboard


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