Local Store Pickup For woocommerce

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Make it easier for your customers to locate desired branch of your store and place the pick-up order.

Never struggle to find a place to pick up your product again. By the use of this module, sellers can now add their store to the marketplace and allow buyers to pick up their orders from the store. Store Locator Pickup for WooCommerce is a great way for sellers to expand their reach and increase sales.

Key Features

  • Add multiple stores and set-up store titles
  • Add location of the store (latitude and longitude)
  • Set default and maximum radius for google map search
  • Add Google Maps with Api key
  • Map zoom in and zoom out option
  • Set-up store image
  • Step-up store marker icon/image
  • Display product availability
  • Add tags on the store locator page
  • Add timetable and Holidays on the store page
  • Enable footer title and link
  • Custom styling (icons, search/reset button, header portion, street/direction/GO button, tags button)


WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup Plugin


Add Multiple Customizable Stores for Store Pickup

Add multiple WooCommerce stores using this plugin. Store Locator Pickup for WooCommerce allows the administrator to establish various stores and assign products and quantities to them. The administrator can add a variety of physical stores together with their addresses, zip codes, contact information, etc. 

The admin can add any product – newly introduced or previously available – to any of the stores. Customers can use the city name or zip code to search for stores, and all the ones in that area will be displayed.

WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup Plugin


Multiple Ways to Add Location

This plugin enables you to create several pickup locations so that customers can choose a desired pickup location at checkout. For multiple stores, you can add multiple locations for pickup. 

WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup Plugin


Add Google Maps with API Key

The API Key can be used to show google maps on your store. Using the Store Locator Pickup plugin, you can add google maps using API Key. This way, you can translate address information into longitude and latitude coordinates.

WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup Plugin


Add Store Schedules and Holidays

You may occasionally need to be aware of when a customer will be picking up an order or when your location will be open for pickups. WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup lets you specify business hours, holidays, lead time (the amount of time needed to prepare for a pickup), and deadlines globally or on a location-by-location basis (maximum days allowed to schedule a pickup).

WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup Plugin

This plugin provides the functionality to configure holiday settings for your store. You can choose to enable holiday and specify the following fields: 

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Vacation name 
  • Explanation

WooCommerce Store Locator Pickup Plugin

Allow customers to select pickup spot from checkout

With the WooCommerce Local Store Pickup plugin, you can empower your customers to conveniently choose their nearest parcel pickup spot right from the checkout process.



$79 Billed annually
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Technical Info

  • Version:1.0.0
  • Released:May 2022
  • PHP version:5.6 or above
  • Requires:WooCommerce & WordPress must be installed

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