WooCommerce Ajax Instant Search

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Create a fast and effective live search bar to see search results as the customers type characters in the input box.

Instant Search Bar for Improved Usability

WooCommerce Ajax Instant Search plugin helps you to create more user-friendly and interactive searches. Add this plugin to your store to assist customers in swiftly locating the things they need. In the Ajax Instant Search box, customers can see relevant results as they type their queries. It saves them time as they don’t have to look through search results to find the products they’re looking for.

Using the short code, you may place an instant search bar on any page of your website. Additionally, product elements like title, tags, excerpt, and product content are available to narrow down your search results..


  • Add ajax search bar anywhere using short code
  • Customize headings, search-button text, and placeholders
  • Limit results in search dropdowns
  • Select ajax search only in products or include pages and posts
  • Display filter dropdown for category and all/products
  • Limit searchable product elements for refined results
  • Enable search in “All” and choose what to display first – products, pages, or posts
  • Utilize the native WooCommerce, WordPress, or default plugin search engine
  • Choose from two layout options for instant search 
  • Show instant search box in default or full width
  • Customize the text for “View all” and “No Results”
  • Show and customize the following:
    • Title-font size and color
    • Product thumbnails
    • Price label and font size
    • Add-to-cart button
    • Category and its font size
    • Excerpt and its font size
    • Display on-sale, featured, and out-of-stock badges
    • Badges, background, and text color

Add a Fast Ajax-based Live Search

Add a live search bar anywhere on your website with the help of WooCommerce Ajax Instant Search plugin, using a short code. Using the numerous configuration choices available, you may alter the font size, color, template, show/hide the product price, “add to cart” button, as well as other other display options. 

Ajax instant search bar plugin Gif

Enable Search Filters

Customers can search for products in specific categories by using a drop-down menu. With WooCommerce Ajax Search plugin, you can choose to allow the search-filters-dropdowns for a refined search result displayed to customers. These filters include:

Category filter: 

Customers can use this filter to narrow their search to a single product category.

ajax search plugin


All/Products filter:

Products, pages, and posts are all included in this filter, allowing buyers to search the entire store or just products. Disable this filter from the settings.

ajax product filter search plugin

Choose from Three Search Engines

Customize the way results are displayed and switch between the native WooCommerce, WordPress, or custom search. Ajax Instant Search for WooCommerce allows three distinct search engines for your end-results. Choose to enable any of the below:

  • Custom Plugin Search: Option to display posts, products, and/or pages, on the search results page.
  • WordPress Search: Option to display both products, pages, and posts on the search results page.
  • WooCommerce Search: Option to display only products, pages, and posts on the search results page.

woocommerce ajax search plugin


$29 Billed annually
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Technical Info

  • Version:1.2.1
  • Released:September 2023
  • PHP version:5.2 and above
  • Requires:WooCommerce & WordPress must be installed

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