WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon

Send automatic birthday emails to customers offering personalized wishes and coupons. Customize discounts and adjust coupons for desired customers, products, & categories.

Birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate and 342% higher revenue rate than other promotional emails. You can benefit from birthday sales by utilizing the WooCommerce birthday coupon extension. Send personalized birthday emails and offer discounts to desired customers on desired products. Gather birthday information for new customers and customize emails & coupons as needed.


  • Send automatic birthday emails to customers 
  • Collect birth dates by adding a field on the registration/checkout/my account page
  • Customize birthday email text 
  • Insert the number of days before the birthday, to schedule emails
  • Choose discount as percentage/Fixed cart/Fixed product 
  • Enter the discount amount and add coupon code length
  • Add coupon prefix and insert coupon validity
  • Add coupon expiry date format
  • Add min/max purchase limit
  • Allow/restrict free shipping 
  • Exclude/include coupons on sale items
  • Exclude/include certain products/categories 
  • Select user roles to restrict birthday emails 
  • Choose to restrict coupon usage (coupon will work if the same email is linked with account)


Why Send Birthday Emails?

Birthday emails promote customer loyalty and create a sense of exclusivity. This, in turn, expands your fan base and helps boost sales. While most marketing emails receive a conversion rate of 0.18%, birthday emails see a whopping 11.6% conversion rate.

birthday discount coupon stats

Collect Customer Birthdates

You can insert a birthday field on different pages of your site to collect customer birthdates and send emails accordingly. Adding birthday fields ensures you have the data to automate emails and target customers in bulk.  You can add a birthday field to the following pages:

  • Registration
  • Checkout 
  • My Account

Offer Customers a Discount They Can’t Refuse

What more can a customer ask for than a discount on his favorite brand, and that too on their most special day, right? 

Birthday discount emails don’t only account for higher conversion rates and open rates, but they also increase brand loyalty and equity. Birthday discounts are a great way to bring back inactive customers and offer massive price cuts, which are hard to resist. With the Birthday Discount Coupon extension, you can offer customizable discounts to specific users/user roles and efficiently manage coupon conversions. 

Customize & Schedule Birthday Emails

You can customize birthday email’s content & subject and choose when these emails are sent with the WooCommerce Birthday Discount extension. Perform the following actions to get started:

  • Schedule emails by adding a number of days before the birthday
  • Add email text and images to birthday discount emails


Customize Discounts and Adjust Purchase Limits

You can customize birthday coupons, choose discount amounts, and control where the coupons are applied. To adjust coupons, you can alter the following settings: 

  • Apply discount as:
    • Percentage
    • Fixed cart 
    • Fixed product 
  • Enter discount amount
  • Add coupon code length and prefix
  • Insert coupon validity
  • Add coupon expiry date format
  • Add min/max purchase limit
  • Allow/restrict free shipping 


Set Restrictions for Certain Products/Categories

Limit products and categories on which the coupon is applied with the following settings: 

  • Include/Exclude coupons on sale items
  • Include/Exclude certain products/categories 
  • Choose user roles to send emails 
  • Restrict coupon usage (the same email must be linked with the account for the coupon to work)


$39 Billed annually
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Technical Info

  • Version:1.0.1
  • Released:April 2022
  • PHP version:5.6 & above
  • Requires:WooCommerce & WordPress must be installed

Customer Reviews Write Review

  1. WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon Plugin is the best way to reward your loyal customers and give them a nice, personal discount on their birthdays. I use it myself, and now my customers love me even more! Wish I had found this sooner!

    WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon

    WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon