WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon

Share special discount coupons with customers on their birthdays via an automated email.

Studies conducted on promotional emails have suggested that birthday emails have a 481% increased transactional rate and 342% higher revenue rate as compared to the ordinary promotional males. Birthday Discount Coupon for WooCommerce gives the E-Store owners the perfect opportunity to connect with their customers and make their birthdays super special with personalised birthday messages and discount coupons.

Birthday Discount Coupon for WooCommerce enables e-store administrators to send automated emails to customers on their birthdays. Customer’s email can be captured at the time of registration by adding a date of birth field in the registration form or already registered users can enter their date of birth on my account page. Date of birth once entered can not be edited later.



  • Show date of birth fields on registration and checkout pages
  • Specify the number of days before the birthday to send the coupon email
  • Customise the data label
  • Make date of birth field optional or mandatory for customers
  • Discount coupons can be customised in the following ways:
    • Modify coupon code length
    • Modify coupon code prefix
    • Modify coupon code expiry date
  • Add coupon restrictions:
    • Restrict by product
    • Restrict by order value
  • Offer free shipping upon coupon application
  • Birthday Coupon email template is fully customisable


Add Birthday Fields to Different Pages

Birthday Discount Coupon for WooCommerce enables you to add date of birth fields to different pages. You can add the date of birth field to the registration page for pre-capturing the customer’s birthday or you can also add the date of birth field to the customer’s account page. Once a customer enters his date of birth, he will not be able to change it later.

woocommerce birthday coupon

Customise Birthday Email

With Birthday Discount Coupon for WooCommerce, the email template is fully customisable. You can edit the birthday email in following ways:

  • Choose subject line as per your requirement
  • Set admin email
  • Set email sender name
  • Email Body

woocommerce birthday discount vouchers

Birthday Coupon Restrictions 

Birthday Coupon for WooCommerce offers multiple types of restrictions to be placed upon coupon application. You can configure discount type, discount code length, coupon validity and set minimum and maximum cart amount for eligibility of coupon application. You can also apply free shipping on coupon applications. The following restrictions can be put in place for coupons:

  • Minimum order value requirement for coupon application
  • Restrict specific products from coupon application
  • Restrict specific categories from coupon application
  • Restrict coupon usage after expiry

woocommerce birthday discount coupon plugin

$39 Billed annually
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year free support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Technical Info

  • Version:1.0.1
  • Released:April 2022
  • PHP version:5.6 & above
  • Requires:WooCommerce & WordPress must be installed

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  1. WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon Plugin is the best way to reward your loyal customers and give them a nice, personal discount on their birthdays. I use it myself, and now my customers love me even more! Wish I had found this sooner!

    WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon

    WooCommerce Birthday Discount Coupon