Easiest Way to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

How to set-up shipping in WooCommere

If you own an eCommerce site, you better know that shipping is one of the most troublesome parts of owning a business. Additionally, the success of your store is largely dependent on the shipping procedure. As long as your customers are getting good stuff through proper shipping they will consider your site; otherwise, after some bad shipping they will surely get frustrated and drop it from their list. Before you set up your shop make sure to get the basic knowledge of  the shipping methods and fulfilments and accordingly determine the right shopping strategy for your store. Let’s discuss some of the ways to Set Up shipping in WooCommerce. 

How to Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a built-in shipping method to provide accurate shipping rates to the customers. Moreover, it gives plenty of options for your customers to shop from. You can also add extendable features to make it easier for your customers. Moreover, you can also add discount strategies such as offering free shipping on orders above a certain amount. 

1. Setup Shipping

If you want to set up shipping in your WooCommerce account, you first need to set up shipping zones and then add methods to those zones. After that you need to rate your methods. Furthermore, you can create as many zones as you want and add multiple rates and methods to each zone.

2. Add Shipping Zone

Since shipping zone refers to the geographical area in which your order needs to be shipped. You need to be specific in writing the regions and zip codes or you can also leave it more general according to whatever suits you the best. Customers will see the methods available for their specific address and zone and each customer can match to one zone only. Also, each zone you have set will contain multiple shipping methods.

3. Add and Manage Zones

In order to set the shipping zone, visit WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. If you can not see shipping as an option then go back to WooCommerce > General and look at the setting at shipping locations. From there you might need to enable shipping settings.

When you visit the shipping option for the first time there will be a prompt to add a new zone and add a default zone. Those locations that are not covered by you can be handled by adding methods to Locations not covered by your other zones options and you can set it up if it is of any need. 

4. Adding Shipping Methods to Zones

In order to add shipping method to the existing shipping zone:

  • Visit the WooCommerce settings and go to the shipping zones from shipping. 
  • Tap the edit option of the Shipping Zone you want to change.
  • A screen will appear in which you have to select the Shipping Methods.
  • Disable the existing shipping methods on the newly formed tab and add a shipping method in order to use a different one.
  • Now in order to save your current setting click on save changes.

Kinds of Shipping Rate Options

There are the following shipping rate options in a fresh WooCommerce account:

1. Flat Rate

You can charge one constant rate for all the shipments that are being delivered from your store. It allows you to have a simple and easily predictable price for both customers and company. However, because of this either you or the customer will end up paying an excessive amount for the shipment based on the zone and location.

2. Free Shipping

In free shipping the customer does not have to pay anything in order to get the product shipped to their given address. This option can be availed by the customers through some sort of coupon or when a customer spends a specific amount of money on the shopping.

3. Local Pickup

In this method the customer will come by to pick up the product without any shipment service. Local pickups are mostly free for the customers; however, it requires the store to have a physical location where storing and handling of the products could be done.

Make It Easier For Your Customers!

Shipping procedures are one of the key elements that decides the success of your online store; therefore, make sure to provide easier ways to your customer in order to attract more customers to your online store.

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